Wooden Cable Drums & Customer Solutions


We set standards

We are experts in the development of customer-specific solutions. Get to know our all-round service and convince yourself of our tailor-made products and individual complete solutions which will convince you.


We set trends

We use only the best wood, which gives our products a high load-bearing capacity, stability and durability. We not only continuously adapt our production to the highest industry standards, but also set new standards.


We love wood

Steinnagel not only uses high-quality wood, but also FSC®-certified wood from renewable, domestic forests on request. The utilisation of waste wood, from which we produce wood chips, plywood and MDF boards, among other things, is particularly ecologically sustainable.

Cable Drums+

We produce high-quality wooden cable drums that are used in a wide variety of industrial sectors. Wherever goods such as cables, ropes, wires and pipes are used, our durable, state-of-the-art cable drums are the first choice. The focus here is particularly on the protection of sensitive winding goods. We ensure this with our modern CNC machines, which guarantee the highest production standards. We continue to develop our wooden drums and are always guided by feedback from our customers. Numerous additional options – as you can see by clicking on the drum image – allow us to customise our cable drums even further. You can find more information on this in our clear enquiry form.

Discover the Future: Wooden Cable Drums


Patented cable aperture solution

Thanks to our patented cable aperture solutions, you can stow the cable end in the special routing and secure it with the integrated cable ties to prevent cable breakage and transport damage.

Stacking aids

The stacking aids attached to the drums ensure a high level of safety and convenience when storing the wooden drums.


RFID-based tracking

With our built-in RFID chips, you benefit from digital processes and traceable goods movements in your logistics system.

About us

We are specialists in the development and production of innovative and customer-specific complete solutions made of wood. Especially our cable drums have set new standards and established Steinnagel on the European market.

Especially our cable drums have set new standards and established Steinnagel® on the European market.

It is our aim to find an optimal solution for the individual needs of our customers. We guarantee a fast and reliable processing and delivery at home and abroad.

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We can do even more

Steinnagel® offers a large and highly-versatile assortment of valuable products by international standards. The most important products are: cable drums, building timber, packing material and wooden components for interior decoration. We constantly adjust our product range to the actual market requirements to ensure optimal cost effectiveness and to guarantee a steady quality standard.

Our product range also comprises sawn timber, one-way pallets, semi-finished wood products such as planks, construction solid wood, glued laminated timber and boards. In addition to that we also offer solid wood boards, glued boards, profiled wood, planed timber and wooden floor coverings.

All products are available in different executions.

  • Sawn Timber & Lumber
  • Boules, Boards & Glued Laminated Timber
  • Glued Boards
  • Profiled & Construction Wood
  • Wooden Floors
  • One-way Pallets