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Steinnagel offers a large and highly-versatile assortment of valuable products by international standards. The most important products are: cable drums, building timber, packing material and wooden components for interior decoration.

We constantly adjust our product range to the actual market requirements to ensure optimal cost effectiveness and to guarantee a steady quality standard.

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Cable drums

Steinnagel offers wooden cable drums for various industry branches. Wherever goods such as cables, ropes, wires and pipes are used, our cable drums are put to use. Therefore our product line includes a broad range of capabilities: While all of our cable drums are made of solid wood, we provide drums with different material properties, available with a flange diameter from 400 up to 2500mm.

All drums are available as one way-, multi way- and special models. Thereby we only use heat-treated softwood sawn timber. Beyond that we offer a large number of additional options such as special lacquering, company logos, serial numbers etc.  Our drums are produced according to established standards (DIN) and - if desired - to your requirements. Due to the fact that all options are freely-combinable, we are able to offer numerous product variants, tailored to your unique needs.

Reeltype 6 7 8 9 10 12
Diameter Flange d1 600 710 800 900 1000 1250
Core d2 300 355 400 450 500 630
Boards Flange thickness K 46
Core bars groove width G 21
Bores Central bore C 85
Drive hole D 30 40 50 65
Cable passage F 40 50 60
Down payment gap I 100 160
Winding width L2 400 560 670
Overall width L1 520 690 710 890

The table below contains some examples of standard dimensions (in mm).

Please see the links below for more information:

Wooden drum dimensions Wooden drum sketch Guidelines for cable drum handling during transport and storage

Wood products

Our product range also comprises sawn timber, one-way pallets, semi-finished wood products such as planks, construction solid wood, glued laminated timber and boards. In addition to that we also offer solid wood boards, glued boards, profiled wood, planed timber and wooden floor coverings.

In the case of customer-defined solutions we develop and produce special cable drums und custom-made products

All products are available in different executions.

  • sawn timber/lumber
  • impregnated timber: laths, squared timber
  • boules
  • boards
  • glued laminated timber
  • glued boards
  • profiled wood
  • construction solid wood/structural timber
  • classical plank flooring, panels and decking boards
  • one-way pallets